Jason Erb

Uncrease Consulting
98 Main Street
Kingston, ON  K7K 3Y8

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    Senior software developer with over 10 years of professional experience writing production code, including , , and , , , and , with a special emphasis on clean design, code correctness, and simplicity.

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      September 2009 - Present

      Software Developer

      The PYXIS Innovation

      • Implemented support for Excel 2007 point feature datasets in the WorldView GeoWeb browser, and optimized code to reduce import time for large data sets from minutes to seconds.
      • Designed and developed a universal vector feature analysis architecture for WorldView.
      • Coordinated research work with the University of Calgary.
      • Fixed stability defects in WorldView, such as incorrect memory usage when marshalling between managed and unmanaged code, through careful code auditing, refactoring, and testing.
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      November 2008 - September 2009

      Senior Software Developer

      Dunne and Associates

      • Architected and developed BrainModder, a distributed neurofeedback training system and SDK (using C# (with .NET, XNA, WCF, Lidgren networking), C++ (with STL, Boost, TTL SDKs, MFC)).
      • Created therapeutic games for the system that respond to real-time EEG and EMG data (using C# (with .NET, XNA), ActionScript 3.0).
      • Composed and recorded music for use in the software to improve game play.
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      September 2006 - October 2008

      Software Developer

      The PYXIS Innovation

      • Resolved open research problems pertaining to indexing and related algorithms, allowing for patentable improvements to the company's core intellectual property.
      • Co-wrote the core of PYXnet, a peer-to-peer geospatial data sharing service (using C# (with .NET)).
      • Wrote code for the PYXIS WorldView application and SDK (using C++ (with STL, Boost), C# (with .NET)).
      • Coined the name "WorldView", and the accompanying metaphor, for the PYXIS GeoWeb browser.
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      April 2002 - September 2006

      Intermediate Software Developer, Senior Software Developer

      Hummingbird Ltd. (now the Open Text Connectivity Solutions Group)

      • Implemented a multi-dimensional OLAP reporting and interaction feature in BI Query Reports (using C++ (with MFC, STL)).
      • Maintained a large part of BI Query Reports code and refactored it to use a model-view-controller pattern.
      • Took an active role in user interface development.
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      September 1998 - April 2002

      Software Developer (Team Lead)

      Hilton Consulting Group

      • Built the database and web interface for an automated asset auditing and management application (using SQL Server, SQL, ASP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS).
      • Designed and developed a commercial, web-based multi-dimensional data source browser and OLAP API (using Visual Basic, ASP, SQL, MDX, Microsoft Analysis Services, JavaScript, XML, , HTML, CSS).
      • Built web applications for clients including Hotel Dieu Hospital and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (using ASP, SQL Server, server-side COM).
      • Managed a team of developers by training team members, assigning tasks, instituting usability and coding standards, and overseeing application modifications.
      • Authored and executed test cases to verify Y2K readiness of critical applications for the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.
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